Are you ready to wake up with makeup?

Permanent makeup is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure
that will enhance your natural beauty and stay on 24/7. 


Imagine having PERFECT eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips

Uneven Eyebrows – Gone!

Drawing and Redrawing – Never Again!

Patchiness – Bye Bye!


Eyebrow cosmetic tattooing is a great way to achieve natural, full, and beautiful brows without having to use topical makeup! This timesaving procedure adds youth and dimension to your face while maintaining a “put together” look. Whether you would like a natural, hair-stroke appearance, or a shaded, make-up look, New Natural has the best options to suit your style!


Are you constantly on the go? Eyeliner tattooing is a great option! This smudge-proof and waterproof option gives shape and definition to the eye without the use of topical makeup. Whether you want to achieve the look of a fuller lash line or smoky tapered eyeliner, New Natural has the artistry for you. 


With Lip Blushing, you can now go to the beach with a perfect pout and forget to reapply your lipstick after dinner! This permanent makeup procedure adds a full and youthful appearance to your lips while creating tone, definition, and softness. From nude to red or just lip liner, New Natural has the color to best fit your aesthetic!

Hypertonic Tattoo Removal & Lightening

If you’re looking to substantially lighten unwanted permanent makeup or a small tattoo you no longer love, this safe and virtually pain-free option is for you. This procedure works by tattooing a Hypertonic Saline Solution into the skin around the area of unwanted pigmentation. Hypertonic Tattoo Lightening & Removal is customizable depending on the size or density of pigmented skin. Book a consultation today to see if Hypertonic Tattoo Lighten & Removal is for you!

Hey there!

My name is Livia; I’m a NY-based, five-time Board Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, specializing in brows, eyeliner, and lips. My education and training, coupled with a steady hand and proven techniques, provide the best results curated for each client.

I am truly passionate about making individuals feel confident in their own skin!

My current certifications:

  • $Microblading
  • $Brow Design Machine Program of Micropigmentation
  • $Eyeliner Design Machine Program of Micropigmentation
  • $Lip Design Machine Program of Micropigmentation
  • $Hypertonic Tattoo Removal/Lightening
  • $Bloodborne Pathogens & Safety

To ensure maximum precision and care, I only use high-quality and reputable body-safe pigments alongside equipment made in the USA.

In addition, my use of topical anesthetics allows for a virtually painless application of permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal! Safety is always top of mind. Therefore, I follow a strict protocol for proper sterilization and stringent sanitary guidelines establishing a safe and clean environment, as set out in my bloodborne pathogens certification. I truly want to help each and every client feel wonderful in their own skin and look forward to bringing out your New Natural!


Rating & Reviews

Powder Fill Perfection Visit

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Liv has such attention to detail! She is meticulous about her work and passionate about making her customers feel more beautiful and confident. I would definitely recommend her and her work. She’s a gift to this area.

01.31.2022 · Laura Lamon

Powder Fill: Initial Procedure

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Livia is wonderful, professional, efficient, and does gorgeous work. She truly cares about making her clients happy.

12.19.2021 · Sasha

Microblading: Initial Procedure

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Livia was great! Very nice and explained everything well. Took the time to hear exactly what I wanted and then explained how we would get there. Would definitely recommend her!

11.06.2021 · Elizabeth Gantt

Microblading: Initial Procedure

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

First time having any type of cosmetic procedure done and Livia does a great job making sure you feel comfortable and telling you what she’s doing. 10/10 recommend.

11.22.2021 · Olivia

Powder Fill Perfection Visit

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I cannot say enough good things about Livia and my experience with her! She is excellent at what she does! Highly recommend!

07.01.2022 · Adrianne Isenbergh

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